Smart City WiFi

Great to have Ruckus drop by to discuss their new offerings...  Ruckus has built a comprehensive ecosystem of partners for the Smart City Initiative, with a goal to provide the solutions cities want to deploy.

Around the world, cities are evaluating how to leverage smart technology to enhance citizens lifestyle, increase economic growth and make the city more efficient. The possibilities are limitless with advanced technology in smart lighting, traffic and parking systems, public safety and much more.

A great starting point for cities is to deploy public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is a great way to create a more vibrant community and also connect citizens, businesses and visitors. But the benefits of Wi-Fi don’t stop there. Once the Wi-Fi network infrastructure is in place, it can be used to enable other smart city applications such as public safety / IP Video, traffic & parking controls, air quality and many others.

And Infrastructure Canada has recently released funding to support this initiative.  Municipalities can find more information here.

Ruckus has also created a specialist partner program designed to help with the deployments of smart city solutions.  To find out more about how a smart city specialist can help your municipality implement a smart city solution, contact us.