Tellabs Gold Certification

Davidson Violette has become Canada's only Tellabs Gold Certified Advantage Partner, putting us in an elite class of networking companies designing and implementing the future of networking.  

Tellabs is the leading manufacturer of Passive Opitcal LAN, a techology based on G-PON ITU-T 984 and advanced Ethernet protocols. It is optimized for network connectivity inside buildings and across campus.

Passive Optical LAN is a better architecture for the modern 21st-century LAN that never sleeps. Its fundamental architecture has centralized intelligence and management which perfectly aligns with today’s wireless (both Wi-Fi and cellular DAS), cloud, hosted/managed services, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Tellabs Optical LAN is the best choice for the modern, high-performance 21st-century LAN.


For more information on Optical LAN's, please contact Davidson Violette.